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E-Commerce Solutions
You dream… we deliver.
Retailers who want to transform their online channel into a precision retail machine turn to JYOGI Commerce. JYOGI Commerce provides comprehensive eCommerce strategies and robust implementations that contribute to sustainable growth in multichannel revenue streams.

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I. Strategy
If you don't know where you are going, how do you get there?

A clearly defined eCommerce strategy is the foundation of every successful eCommerce implementation. JYOGI Commerce applies a robust and comprehensive strategic planning process that captures your mission-critical online business objectives and aligns them with an implementation process that ensures those objectives will be met.

Our process begins with collaborative discovery sessions to get all stakeholders aligned, and then moves on to include:

  • current and future business-model analysis
  • competitive analysis and benchmarking
  • high-level enterprise architecture
  • eCommerce technology alignment and selection
  • goal setting and roadmapping
  • total cost of ownership assessment and ROI analysis
  • governance services
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II. Design
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III. Development
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IV. Optimization