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                                                              “Bringing Joy to people Joy to Customer”

Why joy? Joy is an outcome of doing something that makes you happy. Joy is spreadable. It has vigor of energy that moves people forward with sanguinity.

Creating joy at work is mission critical, why? Because for acompany to compete, it needs the brain trust, its employees, to be poised to do great things that create value for customers.

Positioning employee as a rightful brain trust is the only way that defines the means to a profitable end. Then only we have Customerto be speechless and inspired by work, then only companies will be in a position to create more value and generate more profitability.

As we are Yogis and Yoga practices preaches about freedom, so we Increase freedom at work place, Involve our employees in finding solutions to increase freedom in the workplace.

For joy to emerge at work, the team must revisit why it exists and reclaim a shared purpose. So we create a purpose for them,purpose that calls them to move forward to accomplish something bigger
Perhaps the most tangible of the Meaningful Triad is learning what each person’s strengths are and then shifting work around them. The shift is to pull tight strengths with the work to be done. So we Align our employee strength and work as a final step to create Joy at work and sowing seed to create Joy for our Customer.

Freedom, Purpose and Alignment is the framework to bring Joy to people and through them bring Joy to customer